Women : The Five Elements of Life.

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Women are like Water💧
The source of life, the need of life
If adequate can save lives
If ample then it take lives
Women are like Fire🔥
The spirit of life, the light of life
On moderate it evolve us
When fierce can dissolve us
Women are like the Universe🌌
The creator, the whole body of things
She the totality of our existence
And the cosmos of humankind
Women are like Air🌬️
The blow of life, the aura of life
On standard it breeze us
When furious can destroy us
Women are like the Earth🌏
Thereby it’s “Mother Earth” who harbours life
When suffers becomes destructive
For you both, we are all submissive.

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  1. Well written Madam.. 🙂 Agree with the thoughts.. 🙂
    Thank you for sharing..!!
    Thank you for finding my blog and following me.. 🙂
    Hope to have your feedback, thoughts and comments as well.. Maybe I can learn a bit.. 🙂
    Thank you..!!

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