Who is the maker? Who is the creator?

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The state of thoughts I’m in
How to come out of it or
how to coexist with it
Why it’s hard to comply with it
Or it’s just meant to be,
to be like this

Looking for the better side of it
Finding ways to cope up with it
Maybe it’s all in my thought process
The way it is ,is the way it actually is
Who’s gonna read the rule out
to which all of it is based upon

Who is the maker ?
Who is the creator ?

Who will confirm the principles
onto which we all are living
The principles which they claim
unabashedly universal and unapologetically authentic
had what sources to claim

Who decided to rise in the
east and set in the west
This way is correct and
that way is incorrect
How it was determined If
that is right then this is wrong

On what basis they opted
this to follow and that to unfollow
And the moment you go against
fingers & eyes will come your way
Why we are bound to go with the
rules they made as per them

Is it gonna ever change or this
will go till the end, or
the way it is, is the way it actually is
How they are the maker of all and
why I can’t be the maker of mine?

Who is the maker ?
Who is the creator ?


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16 thoughts on “Who is the maker? Who is the creator?

  1. Let not the mind control things….
    Love is the maker & creator of universe & everything….
    Let the heart beat….
    Let the love breathe….
    The rest will dissolve with that breeze….

      1. One never knows–is it a real question—or poetic expression? I follow the Christian God Most High. At least one of the commenters..suggested a Hindu (?) deity. Perhaps—which would you like to credit for creation?

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