To all you men…

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[Image- Canva]

To all the men out there

The nicest ones, the gentle ones

The good ones, The happy souls

The ones who lift women up

We never mention you but

you are stunning

It’s a reminder to all of you

We do acknowledge your heart

We know how you’re misjudged

We know you want people to stay calm

We know you want people to understand you

We know how trapped you feel

because of a few morons in your tribe

Who says men don’t cry

You do cry and we all know

Men do cry when they see

their mother in pain

Men do cry when their sista

leaves them after marriage

Men do cry when they see

their father struggles

Men do cry when their heart is broken

Men do cry when they are

blatantly characterized

We know you’re not a robot

You’re as human as how we all are

Your dignity is no less than others

This world has become a little harsh towards you

With fewer gratitudes and more criticisms

But you stay calm, cool, and warm

Keep that charm forever by your side

You are equally the one gorgeous creation of God.

Cheers to all the strong boys out there who hide their sadness, loneliness, anger, heartaches, and all the problems in their tiny world,

with a smile. 🙂

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