The Urge.

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Got this sudden urge
to change myself
right and there
Was all prepared
to discover myself
Was all set to
find my true self
Was about to
get it all in all
Just a step behind
the awaited triumph

Was about to get up
The thoughts again urged;
What’s so hurry dear
A pandemic going on
people are dying
have some peace
maybe not today but
tomorrow is that day
That sudden urge
Was all ceased
Lied down back
with all smile
Thinking out loud
Tomorrow is gonna be
a whole different shit
Tomorrow is the day
new chapter will begin
Tomorrow is the change
this life will see
Tomorrow happened and
then the day after tomorrow
likewise days passed
months crossed and
it continued and continued

And Here I am waiting
for that urge again
Hoping it’s not dead
believe me, will surely
catch you this time
just come now
give me my urge back
My pulse need those
impulses back

And it continued …….. πŸ™ƒ

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0 thoughts on “The Urge.

  1. Everything in our life has suddenly changed. Plans and programs rescheduled. Truncated agendas but what does not change in our desire to overcome.
    Your verses fit into that coming and going of the events that occur within you. And they are very explicit. Calling things by name.
    Excellent your poem.
    My greetings and good weekend to you

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