The Life Of Stray Dogs. ๐Ÿพ

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When we hear the word “stray animals” the first image to which our mind comes across are of the dogs and then probably cats which we encounter in our lives on a daily basis on the streets. The word stray itself says the one who is lost and has no proper place to live. We can conclude that stray animals are not where they should be. They are those who are separated by their keepers either by lack of care, misfortune or if escaped somehow. They are on the streets because they have been abandoned by humans.

Ever thought how difficult it must be to live on the streets with no food no water no love no care no aid nothing all hopeless and homeless. How much of abuse, hunger, illness, ill-treatment they face on a daily basis. The way they crave for the food and love with that innocence in their eyes is so heart breaking and depressing we don’t know how to help them all but we can help few but how we all are clueless. All we can do is we can spread awareness about their sufferings to the people at large. We have to make those ignorant people feel for them that they also have a life and let’s help them and not let them die of hunger and exhaustion on the streets.

Let’s try to feel that feeling for few seconds;
Why are we here
what we have done
that we deserves to be here
Why can’t we live like you
Why am I homeless n all hopeless
Why no one wants us, please accept us
I promise won’t trouble you
Wherever we go you all humiliates us beats us
We are full of pain n aches and yet merciless
With no food no water no home trust me
it’s hard it’s hard and its hard
you’ll never believe us
We starvs for weeks dying everyday of exhaustion n thrusts
People pass, looks, beats and pass and it continues
Then one out of few feed us a lil and
we look at them hoping they might
take us home
They leave and the struggle continues till we die.

So now say how was the feeling, you died for a while right. So yes they have a very hard life and we can never really imagine that pain and sufferings and this way they rarely survive for a long time. Everyday several stray dogs are dying because of starvation, poisoning, lynching and accidents.

So to all those failed pet owners who have thrown out their pets on the streets please be human with animals too. They need us they don’t deserve this. Can’t you see the innocence in their eyes when you throw them out of your house. All those abandoned dogs are the results of those heartless and irresponsible pet buyers.
Stray animals have always been tortured and mistreated by we humans. But there are those humans too who cares for them looks after them and can feel for them and we are so thankful of them.
There are several non governmental organisations who works for animal rights and look after them so if you want to do your part for the stray animals do look up to these NGOs.
Checkout the links below:
There are also many other ways in which we can help them and those are like;
  • we can educate people around, our friends and family or we can raise money for them by contributing each.
  • Whenever you see any animal in trouble or being tortured by children’s or anyone speak up immediately and call your local animal control officers they will rescue them out. Even if you’re unable to help them atleast you can just call the animals rescue centres to help them out.
  • Teach your childrens to be kind to them educate them about animal rights and our responsibilities towards them.
  • Spread the informations of stray dogs on different social media platforms if anyone might adopt them.
  • If you find any injured dogs or cats or any stray animals take them to veterinary doctors if u cannot then call the rescue team.
  • Instead of wasting food and throwing it all into your dustbin give it to them.
We can’t save all of them but we can save few. ๐Ÿ™Œ

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