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“and it matters”

Nowadays the term ‘public opinion’ is ruling all across the country. Everyone has something to say on whatever the matter they come across. So let’s talk about what is this public opinion and why is it so impactful and important in today’s times. Firstly what does opinion means and to what extent it matters ?

Opinion is a viewpoint or judgement or belief which varies from person to person which later forms a statement based on these terms. In the constitution of India, Article 19 provides freedom of speech which is the right to express one’s opinion freely without any fear. It is the fundamental right of every citizen. The ability to express our opinion and the right to speak freely is essential to bring change in society.

Public opinion is a term that describes the opinions of general public. It tells what the public thinks about a particular issue. Traditionally, it can be defined as the opinion of the community, the opinion of the people which becomes the basis of public policy and is then enacted into law. The public opinion comes with a lot of power and strength in itself. The voice of public plays a important role in a country, socially and politically. We have the power of change if we have the ability to form correct opinions and for that a correct platform to voice it out. It can be used as a weapon for change. India is a democratic country and the democracy itself means the government of people because it’s the public who chooses the government based on their opinions on who should be the ruler of our country. A government must learn about mass opinion, must be aware of the feeling of the majority citizens about political issues. If the government does not know these views and feelings, it can hardly act in accordance with them.

In other words, public opinion is the sum of all private citizens opinions of which government is in some measure aware and which it takes into account in determining policy and action. So it’s on us what we want for our country and for that it’s important to raise your views and opinions wherever required because one opinion can makes the poll upside down. We are the future of our country, let’s pledge to speak for us ,speak for our people and speak for our country. So don’t choose silence and make your voice your weapon.

So yes it does matter.

“Government of the people, for the people and by the people”.–Abraham Lincoln

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  1. Your contents and thoughts are soo amazing it seems like ur page is google to us … the topic uh shared contains full knowledge about same . Keep it up .. appreciate your work

  2. I feel opinions vary from person to person but you need to take most of the opinions into consideration in terms of governance since you serve the public itself

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