Psychological traps- why it is unavoidable?

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What do you mean by psychological? Anything related to psychology? What is psychology then? Well the basic idea we get by the word psychology is anything related to mind and behaviour of a person. It circumscribe several factors being social, biological, environmental, physical, economical, affecting people ability to think, behave, respond, or feel. If we attain our command over the understanding of psychology then people can have a great vision into their own actions and behaviours as well as others too. Let’s peep into the psychological traps we are in, unknowingly and very conveniently.

Ever wondered why you always wake up when you saw a dream of your death it’s because our minds don’t know what happens after death. And thus it can’t process further. There are many such things which had trapped us without our knowledge. You will only acknowledge it when you deeply try to look into it.

Here are few ones mentioned below:

  • You must have heard one to not reveal your goals to anyone other than yourself because if you do you’re less likely to succeed as it hampers your motivational string and thus you lose your concentration because of the pressure u get to succeed anyhow after revealing your strategies or plans to people.

  • If being a patient you believe in your doctor who is treating you then the chances of recovery increases than in the case you’re not. Try visiting the doc with whom you don’t get the vibe you’ll realise this point.

  • This is the most common one we are all aware of that you get attracted to the ones who ignore you the most while less interested in the ones who likes you the most regardless of how good the person is, it just doesn’t matter in this scene.

  • When you are in a group of persons and a hilarious discussion is happening, everytime you laugh you tend to look towards the person you like the most or someone you’re close to. Isn’t it?

  • Your music playlist tells a lot about your personality like when you tell people about your choices of songs the person on the receiving end starts calculating about your personality in his/her head.

  • When you sleep more than your usual sleep you feel really good from inside and you’re satisfied with your day.

  • Feeling ignored or public humiliation hits the same chord as any physical injury would have.

  • In a conversation when someone talk to you by repetitively calling you by your name you actually pay more than enough attention to that conversation and you feel a sudden bond with that person.

  • If you need help from someone always use for example “please do this/that” instead of “could you do this/that?” because in the later one it gives them the option to say no to you whereas in the former one they will not deny you.

  • If you feel you’re attractive or you believe that you have got that vibe to connect, it actually works for you in real. It’s just that you have to feel it from inside and not foolishly pretend it to be one.

  • When you’re too happy your mind starts preparing for the courage and strength because of the fear that something tragic might be on it’s way soon.

  • The longer you hide your love for someone the deeper you fall for them.

  • The body language or the attitude you maintain in public, accordingly to that the people treats you. So always maintain a calculative attitude if you want to be treated well.

  • The things you say in your anger is actually the things you mean. We believe that anger is all about our mind but no it’s directly attached to our heart.

  • When people tells you that they wants to ask you something, your brain immediately starts calculating all the bad things you have done lately.

  • Staying quiet in between an argument is also a statement you’re making in the minds of the people part to that conversation. Imagine yourself being on the receiving end you’ll feel it.

  • People really likes to break rules where it’s strictly prohibited because it gives a unique kick to our heart and we feel sarcastically empowered.

Did you realised that while reading all these points above you were connecting to it by putting yourself in those above mentioned circumstances, you did right? Exactly this was also one psychological trap you were in and it’s unavoidable because we are born with it. How much we try to deny these facts we cannot, our inner self will always agree to all of these. It’s just an another human nature some works in our favour and some doesn’t. That is what life is all about. If you have any other points to add to this list you can mention below in the comment box.

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