Pillow Talk

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So we all know what Pillow Talk actually means that is the relaxed, deep, private, intimate, unguarded, authentic conversations between the loved ones. But today I’m gonna give a different meaning to it based on the last few months we have been in, in this lockdown period.

Does this period have made you also talk to your pillows because it really has made me so and I was never like that. I didn’t ever realised how these cute fluffy thing is so important in our lives. But this period has completely made me aware about their part they play in our lives. Being a non-living thing we tend to ignore all these things but this is what this time has taught us to be grateful for each and every thing around us. I know I’m sounding unsound to some readers but many like me will connect to it what I’m trying to say. Alongwith giving us the quality of rest and support to our back it also gives a kind of I would say some magical support which always go unnoticed by us. The amount of time I’m spending with them is the most I have ever been in all my life. So I want to tell all my boring days went or left both that because of you I’ve realised who is my real companion. This is the one who never complains irrespective of torture I give to them all day and night.

So here I dedicate this poem for my lovely pillows, my constant throughout this period whom I’ve crushed everytime in happiness, sadness, anger, while running out of patience, helplessness, excitement, bad days and the list goes on.

My forever fellow my dear pillow

I owe you myself for all my life

All of me is either your upside or

You listen to my happiness & sorrows

You must be tired and want me
to throw

I’m not leaving ever and it’s true

All my secrets locked within you

You give me hope and light

You made me realise my emotions
when I hugged you tight

Hugging you has become a way of

When in love you make me blush

When I’m sad you give me hopes

When happy you boost our efforts

When angry you calm us down

When clueless you tell us to relax

When scared you give all of yourself to squeeze you tight

When tired you give us comfort

And when there is no one you
become the only one.

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