Nobody Would Be You- Guest Post

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Ohh yeah, baby you are my first love and first thing in my Life,

Nobody would change that, coz’ they can’t just replace my heart,
I am just 18,
When I met you for first time,
I remember I am just scared to see in your bright eyes,
And stood like I am in shock not spoken a word like a dumb ass,
It’s just the next morning,
I met you again at our dancing hall,
But this time I had a great day, We just hangout all the day,
And from that day you became my first thing on every single morning,
Also you’re the everlasting night,
That I can’t easily forget,
Everyday with you is just like a ocean in which I am deeply soaked,
I feel so admirable being so deep but I never thought that I would be dumped,
Just like a shit,
On the streets we walked together,
Since I thought that it would be a ocean of love which is pure,
Too late to realise, that it’s broken me into pieces which doesn’t have any cure,
Still waiting for you,
Just Coz’ nobody would be you.

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