Newsrooms Chaos

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Media is known as the fourth pillar of democracy, why? Because it has the power to reach out to millions and billions, playing a huge role in shaping public opinion, nationally as well as globally. Today our life has become a ball of mass media rolling here and there in just a click. This ultra new generation is all locked up in this web. In other words, the mess would be the right word. This was not a mess before but now we can call it a mess for sure. Although it is a medium through which we get to know the happenings around the world, the sad thing is now they have their respective filters to it according to their priorities or we can say vendettas. Their credibility is in question, their authenticity is in question and whatnot. Today in between a plethora of newsrooms in the function, it’s hard to choose whom to believe. The low they have gone these days is miserable to watch.

First of all, if we ask, how and why the faith became an issue because if we ask what is news? News is factual information about current events and pieces of information through a variety of sources. Going by this definition of news every newsroom has to have the same news with the same facts as current events can’t be scripted, so the difference in all the newsrooms should have been only their sources and mediums. But here what happening is, for example, take one particular incident picked up by all the media houses, now the scene is there will be that same plot of the incident on every channel or every medium but the facts or we can say the insiders vary from one to another followed by their own opinions and views too which is undoubtedly poles apart from one newsroom to another.

They have become the biggest indirect influencers and also a reason for spreading enmity and disharmony between people. Because of their prejudiced conclusions and opinions, there is enough chaos and unrest between the people. News should have been limited to the respective facts of the incident and not their personal opinions compiled with it because it does act as an influencing tool to people’s minds.

Also, sadly there is not a single thread of unity among all of them in the newsrooms, they all enjoy each other’s failures & mistakes. Mocking and pulling each other down, degrading their standards openly which should have been avoided.

They are the biggest influencers as well as the manipulators, one of the vital pillars of the country together they could have been the strongest but in this race of TRP, they all have lost their genuineness which was before. Seems like the moment they enter their newsrooms they conveniently become dead and opt to not hear themselves what they are speaking, you will see dead bodies speaking, shouting, debating, screaming, mocking, bullying unapologetically, and how incredibly. But there is this one truth among all this chaos that they are not alive anymore, they have left their soul and sanity long back. And for sure not in peace.

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