Mental Health Matters.

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In this generation what works the most is a human brain

That is the one who suffers the most
endure the most ,ache the most
And has literally been ignored the most
This incredible machine which
we all possess
needs their fuel as much as the rests
Primarily it’s all about body fitness,
beauty regimes ,skin routine
And nothing about mental fitness
Mental regimes and mental routine
Unknowingly affecting our emotional, psychological, social
well being
And still no one is seriously
High time we should understand the fact
that mental health is vital at every stage
from the very beginning to the end
Start being vocal if your mind is playing with you in any of the way on which
there is no more control of yours
Stop yourself from hiding out of shame
And come out you beautiful soul
Whatever anyone claim
Be selfish when it’s all about you
Drop everything when it’s all about you.

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