Mama cat and her three kittens ❤️

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This is my story with a cat and her three kittens to which I was encountered few days back. I’m sharing this story because it has deeply affected me and I am surprisingly so emotionally attached to this incident.

So around one week ago, there is this open store room kind of place outside my room filled with stuffs like damaged chair, table, dabbas, old books and many other things.

So that very day when I was going downstairs I saw three adorable kittens behind the dabbas and I was shocked like how the hell you guys came inside and I got so excited I ran to mom dad and told them the whole thing. That very time I was excited but soon we all were facing too much problems bcz of them and to one more surprise their mother also came at night and they all were living behind the stuffs there. We thought let them live and enjoy but soon they started running all over our house under the bed , over the bed peeing and pooping everywhere like full ruckus was going on. They got so familiar yet we couldn’t catch them even once so that we could have tried to cage them. This continued for 5 days straight and on the sixth day we shared this incident to our neighbours and one of them wanted to take these kittens in possession as a pet so we agreed and allowed them to come to our house and take them by how and what means we don’t know. So they came and after struggling for an hour they finally caught two of them and one just vanished like we were behind him too but she just vanished in a second still don’t know where she ran and that time the mama cat was not there.

So we were little relieved that atleast two of them are gone and are in happy place. Now comes the real deal when mama cat comes at night. She was literally crying at the top of her voice when she couldn’t find her babies. I was traumatized just by her crying voice. She was regularly coming and going checking for her babies. I couldn’t sleep properly the whole night thinking what have I done and how to undo this she was coming and going crying whole night and her voice was killing me. It was so unbearable i was full of guilt and saying sorry to her. Next day , the whole day she was coming and going searching for her babies and I was stumped the whole time looking at her, hearing her cries was so painful like I started thinking that I have done a very heartless evil thing so I called out that neighbour and asked him to return those kittens back to us and to another shock he said last night, they don’t know where both of them ran away and now they are not with them. To give a one more try I asked them to kindly give a search in that open ground behind their house maybe they are there playing around or hiding somewhere. They were kind enough to listen to me and went to search but unfortunately failed. I was upset the whole day and mama cat was still continuously crying and If you’re wondering what happened to the third one so that is still a mystery don’t know where she went.

So that night at around 11pm mama cat was outside my room behind the door and at the same time I was going out for washroom I saw her and this time she didn’t ran and wasn’t scared of me at all as they always used to run so fast whenever they see any of us, she made an eye contact with me crying and I can see her pain and I was again so much disturbed thinking about all of what was happening. I went downstairs brought milk in a bowl, some bread and placed at the place from where she used to enter in our house and I came back to my room and trust me I did cry after that eye contact with her. It was so pure so real I can never forget that.
I was helpless and sad everything was out of my hand so what I could do was to pray for the meeting of mama cat and her babies wherever they are. So I did prayed to God holding my hand with all my heart that please god cross their paths with eachother and end their pain which unintentionally I have given them.
And I can’t believe after few hours i noticed that I can’t hear her cries anymore. And it’s the third day I can’t see mama cat anywhere I hope they are together.

Praying for their meet.🙏❤️


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0 thoughts on “Mama cat and her three kittens ❤️

  1. A heartbreaking story. The maternal instinct in animals is as deep as in humans.
    Hopefully it is as you say, that mama cat managed to reunite the family again.
    I enjoyed reading.

  2. Ah yes, it’s impressive how much a mother cat loves her little ones. One came to my house last year. They stayed in the garden (well: except when it was raining, or windy, or too hot…). – she stayed from the beginning of April until mid-September, raising her kittens. Since then, they are… a bit at home when everything goes wrong for them – and if not, they live in the village and come to see us.
    I understand you’re upset… I’m sure she managed to track them down.

  3. Same like humans animals too have lots of love for their kids.. hope they unite and the pain of mother and 3 kittens end.. hope after putting this incident in words you are feeling little better💞

  4. I understand you it’s heartbreaking to hear a mama crying for missing her babies. But you have a good heart and I love you for your love to the cats. I thought that the mama and the kittens are together again and have find a new place to live together. 💖❤💖❤💖

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