Long Drive.

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Thoroughly in the mood

to head on for a drive

A long long drive all set

to launch for a very high ride

within my mind for a short while

Ignorant with the destination

crossing countless terminals

Unstoppable at every stop

Energies doubled up with

every mile the wheels crossed

That extra gear i need to

accelerate myself and to

bang all those bad vibes

which I’ve got these days

A long drive to nowhere

is all we need this time

All you need to let go

yourself and see where it

takes and what it takes

Music all loaded with high

rich volume, raging energies

Pumped so high amplifying sighs

Lost in views crossing behind

Holding on stress & gazing at streets

Releasing it all what we possess

unspoken desires started to bridge

Likely to burst the chain of it all

The speed pushing me also forward

along with the vehicle, and

for a while sadness slaughtered

Got my speed back on this road

High spirits again back lined

The nature so peaceful

Vibes so fine and shrine

The roads with no end

Trees in their moods

The sky how infinite

The journey I’m on, In

day time vying with the sunlight

and in night the unsaid strange

communication with the streetlights

With this journey I’m drooled

anxieties overruled and

in the end the soul is refueled.

[Image: The Readers Desk]

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