It was the way you laughed..

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It was the way you laughed

Got to know a lot about you

Twinkling eyes Euphonious voice

Added bliss to this life

Here I tell you if you don’t know

Made the moment worthwhile

Few smirk and few smiles

Best thing lately heard

Everything else became blurred

It was the way you laughed

You or you in someone’s behalf

Everything looks way more good

You did what no one ever did

Wish to pause this moment forever

By any means howsoever

The cruel world outside

all set to snatch this smile

Better to hide than to lose

Keep yours with you

I’ll keep mine with me

Trust none be it anyone

To laugh often and much

Laugh so much more than enough

It was the way you laughed

What more to ask if this is not enough

Wanted this the whole life

Now that it has arrived

Will do everything to keep it alive

Today, tomorrow and all my life

You made this Heart, your pawn

You be the sunrise, I’ll be the dawn

[Image: The Readers Desk]

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