Inferiority Complex.

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This article is for all those individuals who feel or have ever felt inferior or inadequate, to others.


At a certain point in time or throughout the period, we compare ourselves with a certain group of people out there in one way or the other concluded by this one very generalized view that is “OTHERS ARE DOING BETTER” and I am not capable of what they are or simply Insufficient. The worst part is we can’t even resist ourselves from feeling such a way even after knowing the fact that life is not the same for everyone. Everyone has their own journey.

By comparing ourselves to others, what we get are anxieties in abundance, low self-confidence, lack of harmony, and a broken peace of mind which in result prevents us from making the crucial and important decisions of our lives in the right direction and there it ultimately gives us that feeling of inferiority to others where we start comparing ourselves with people we feel who are doing a lot better than us and unknowingly feel insecure about it. We tend to do self-analysis and start finding our flaws leaving ourselves in regret and discomfort of not matching up to them.


These are the possible consequences that happen once you start feeling inferior to others-


  1. Get distracted easily– Yes, they do have a full-fledged plan. Yes, they do know what to do, how to do and when to do it. Yet they still get distracted by various groups of people who might give their own opinion in any matter regardless of their interest, background, and situation.

  2. Lack of faith– Once they get distracted, it gets difficult for them to regain their inner self and start to lose faith in themselves.

  3. Uncomfortable in front of subordinates- Because they become hopeless they start to think that even people younger than them are doing good but not them and thus get uncomfortable the moment they socialize with them.

  4. Isolating yourselves from peers– As they become so much uncomfortable in front of their subordinates, they make up their mind with the fact that they can’t compete with their peers and ultimately give rise to a new complex of inferiority.


Ever wondered what these people tend to do to keep themselves up and lively?

Well! the answer is quite bizarre but might be practical for them. They try to make a mythical image of themselves in front of others and very cleverly hide their true self just to show them that they are also doing good in their life and are so happy about it. For that, they opt to look more good and dress well to stay comfortable and confident. While doing this they tend to be humorous, secretive, confident, responsible, respectful, helpful, and ultimately develop a great personality trait of adaptivity.

Eventually, this becomes a fundamental cause for them to conquer from inner fear.