Impact of COVID-19 on Labour Class and Migrant Workers.

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This year we have been seeing all those things which one has never imagined that something will happen in this way. This corona times is affecting every person in any one or other way. We just can’t deny that this is the worst phase to which humans are going through.

So today let’s choose one section from all those affected ones and that is the labour class and our migrant workers all over the country. Ever since the first lockdown of COVID-19 INDIA was implemented starting March 20, 2020 the situation of labourers were always the centre of discussion. This year this is the time in which they are struggling hard to survive and are craving for the protection of their rights more than ever. The daily wage earners are finding it difficult to feed themselves and their family. One statement which are coming from them is that “ Hunger and starvation will kill us before Corona” how depressing is this thought when we hear this no one can imagine how they are struggling to survive on a daily basis.

The hapless and unfortunate situation of all the migrant workers , daily wage earners and all the labour class are conspicuous all across the country. If we truly accept the fact that the labour class has never been ever taken seriously or has never been looked upon they were always neglected by every other sectors though they plays the most vital role in all the sectors across the country. This pandemic in one way has come to take us to the realities of labour class. Now everyone is seeing and feeling their conditions which before corona no one cared. They have always been looked down by every sections of the society. COVID-19 has just highlighted it better.From the very ancient times the labour class has been not given their credit they deserved.
The one incident which wrenched the heart of whole india was the death of those 16 migrant workers who were run over by a train in Aurangabad who were helplessly sleeping on rail tracks due to exhaustion while walking to their homes. They are desperate for their homes bcz of the non availability of resources to live and all they could do is walking hundreds thousands of kilometres to get back to their homes carrying their belongings,childeren, old parents on their shoulder. All those images which we come across daily in news are enough to wrench our heart.
After the prime minister’s addressal on 24th March to get completely locked up in all our homes the lives of those poor migrants and labourers completely changed and they went into the limiteless number of miseries. All of it are happening because of the oppressions and abolition of their rights by the upper class they always made the most out of their labourers but never given them their legit credit they deserved. Their situations are not only because of them it because of us as a society we failed. It’s the truth that india is failing to cope up with the COVID-19 all because of the miserable conditions of the poor sections all across the country.
According to Brookings report, india has 73 million people living in poverty which makes the 5.5 % of the total population of India. The government of India has surely having its tough time in the battle of Corona virus maintaining the balance between the measures they are implementing to fight this battle and also the conditions of weaker sections of our society.
We should also thank all those several individuals ,NGOs, the government who are helping the needy by distributing the food and rations regularly. We should too come forward and support them. Remember we all will not just support them but we will support our country in the battle of Corona virus.

This the ideal time the government should tighten up and takes strong decision to better up the conditions of poor sections and provides goods and services who need the most rather than pretending that it’s not that needed and will overcome easily. They should not and should not be neglected after what this pandemic has given them.

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