I Am Fine.

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I’m sure not many but each one of us will relate to this line because we all have at some point in our life tried to hide plethora of our emotions behind this phrase and all of us are how conveniently so pro at it and ofcourse we are not guilty. Why this question “how are you?” cannot be answered truly what really stops us from answering this question with the utmost truth it keeps behind itself. How come this never be made a point of discussion by people about its credibility like why it is unapologetically allowed to lie when asked by people. Even if the one who asks knows well that the person is not honest but they don’t really bother to ask again.

I think what stops them from reassuring with the answer is the pressure of how they gonna respond to it or maybe it actually doesn’t matter to anyone because everyone is already carrying such lies in abundance within themselves so each one of us aren’t even expecting the truth also when we ask someone. Let’s try to find what could be the real us behind this phrase which we regularly use in our life i.e. I am fine: so if we could have answered honestly that fine person might be lonely, unhappy, depressed, unloved, lost, heartbroken, scared, hopeless, frustrated, rejected, hurt, betrayed, trapped, defeated, devastated and many undefined feelings.

So are you one of them who hides behind this phrase often. You are! right! Then I must remind you, you’re not alone in this list my dear reader we all are equally part of this and this is how this human cycle works. Nobody is here to listen to you without taking anything out of you. If you try to count your feelings before people they will start bargaining with your feelings and in return of responding to it they will expect from you to favour them in any way you can. You will feel an extra burden on yourself by taking out their responses on your feelings. Try feeling it by taking a pause, you will discover the burden you’re unknowingly going through because of sharing your things to people. This is the fact we all realise at some point of our life and from then we start hiding our truths and we choose to keep that to ourselves.

So here is a small poem which summarizes it all in one:

Forget about people and
make yourself your listener

No one is here to listen to you
make yourself nearer to you

Excuses you’re making to hide the reality
enough you did now accept the tragedy

I am fine is for people but
not fine are we in real

Why Is it necessary to expect
fineness everywhere
Incompleteness is the thing
which drives us further

Now say I am fine with
no baggage behind
Make it as normal as else
stop roaming clueless.

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