He is not just him.

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Him Him Him Him Him & Him

The beginning of everything

The conclusion the completion

He is not just him, He is all of us

An undefined limitless energy

You can’t get over him he will not let you

There is nothing beyond him

The answer to everything

Endless him, limitless him, eternal him

Nothingness is him, Everything is him.

You can’t find him

You can’t see him but

Yes you can feel him

He is beyond your existence

Way far from you not at all anywhere near you

You’re not made for to reach upto him

But you have the liberty to feel him

He is inside you, right next to you

Above you, below you , behind you

Around you, absolutely underneath you

Cannot hide from him

Stop finding and start recognizing

He is you and you are him

The creator, The originator, The protector

That day of the discovery of him

Going to give your ultimate peace

The reason of your existence

His silence and your submissiveness for him

Will have a great conversation throughout

There and then the struggle will start to be the

the best version of human as you can

Him forever, Forever him.


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