Hathras Gangrape – Anything Left to Be Ashamed Of?

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On September 14, four upper caste men (casteless society is still in existence if you have forgotten) gangraped a 19 year old Dalit(member of the lower caste in the traditional Indian Caste System) women who later died on Tuesday this week after struggling for her life in Safdarjung hospital, New Delhi. Adding details of the incident, what SP said that the victim had gone to the field with her mother and gone missing soon after. She was later found brutally injured with severe cuts and bruises. And on top of that as media reported the cops allegedly cremated the victim in the middle of the night without the presence of her family and without their consent as the family wanted certain final rites to be done before the cremation but the cops didn’t allowed so. Later they clarified that the family was informed before the cremation. That was the general detail of the fateful Hathras incident. We ask, For how long we have to keep asking for our women’s safety? Will the people in power will ever ensure us the safety?

Being in this modern century, with so much digitalization and growth , flaunting evolution all across the globe, what we still need to talk is “How safe are women in India?” Aren’t the percentage of rape cases here not enough to reconsider the Section 376 of the Indian penal code and make the punishment severely rigorous. What more are we waiting for, unless every women doesn’t go through it we won’t change our laws, is it?

For years and years we have witnessed such cases regularly which made the whole country numb, chilled, appalled and speechless. Millions protested everytime whether digitally, socially or physically, till now countless protest and candle March has happened holding placards demanding the most strictest and horrifying punishment possible for those rapists but all went in vain and till now nothing has changed. Seems like our judiciary can afford our women’s to suffer but can’t afford to terrify the culprits. Bizarre.

Now coming back to the Hathras gang-rape case, it is now taking the shape of a massive political issue which is the worst they could have done. The contradictory claims of different media houses with the administration’s version of the entire incident has created a full Chaos all over. The opportunists are all set to dive into this case to avenge their political issues. The selective outrage to such cases are not new in India. Few days ago, a 45 year old women was reportedly gangraped by six men while returning back to home with her nephew. The accused were armed with sharp-edged weapons, held the women’s nephew as hostage and sexually assaulted her, even filmed too and later circulated the video on social platforms.
[Source: Times now]How come this case didn’t got that outrage much? Why? Because this case doesn’t match few propagandas or what? Why no one is demanding for her justice because it was not reported enough so why bother to ask for her justice? Alongwith every other thing there is a great role to play for media too like how fairly they covers such issues of crimes against women. But looking at the current scenario they have completely dumped and disowned this part from their list of things to report. Equal reporting to every such cases are also the need of the nation today. Do ask for it also.

Everytime something similar happens , we all say that now is the time country should join hands and perceive the gravity of this issue and after few days it’s all silence and then again after few days it’s all back. For how long? Just how long? Anybody?
The list of crimes again women in India is drastically exhaustive if we start counting on them and similarly the laws for the safety of women are equally exhaustive. Rape, Acid Attacks, Dowry Deaths, Honour Killings, Female Infanticide, Forced Prostitution, Sex Slavery, Child Marriage, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and the list goes on. Felt gutted? We too.

This is not the whole of the country but the certain parts of it are still into the root of it sadly. In India, the statistics of all these crimes mentioned above continue to haunts it’s women. Amidst the recent cases, are we ready to prioritise our women’s safety or we still need millions more such cases?

Fight for justice towards securing the dignity and esteem of women continues…..

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