From Heart To Mind…

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How beautifully we make up
with our minds whatever we
try to process through it &
according to choices we make,
but why its hard to convince
this heart to accept what
choices mind had to make
What decisions it had to change
If we go by our heart then they
say we have lost our mind
And if choose to go through mind
then this heart doesn’t approve

How to make these two compatible
with each other
To eliminate these confusions to
which we’re always in
Here this heart states what our
inner self wants from us
where this mind speaks what
will be good for us considering
all the situations we’re in

Where mind reads the circumstances
heart reads the desires it craves
Heart drives us to go passionate
and fall
where mind has the all over control
We have the power over our mind
but we always lose before our heart

I feel sorry for my heart I have
neglected many of its desires
some by myself, some I had to and
some I was made to
But my dear heart you were always
there in my thoughts
I always wish for your wishes to
come true
I try my best to make it all happen
how I wish I could fulfill all your dreams

The battle between the heart and
the mind is the hardest of all
Where following mind leads to sanity
& by going through heart we’re all happy
When the mind is satisfied no one
witnesses where
our eyes are the witness when the
heart is satisfied
The path between the heart and mind
is what holding these two together
waiting for them to come closer and


13 thoughts on “From Heart To Mind…

  1. I think the heart always wins— It will derail your life if you do not follow it. Maybe the mind is too rational and so that’s the struggle. But I agree, getting the two to make friends would make life a lot easier.

  2. Interesting poem. I recently read that our mind is made up 10 seconds before our brain even realizes it. I wonder what the timing would be between heart and mind decisions. Thank you for the follow by the way. 🙂

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