Father’s Day.

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I can’t walk so fast
Can you please
walk little slow
My tiny lil legs
can’t match up
I want to walk
along with you
Following his
I tried to walk to
reach upto him

He then,
walked too slow
To match up
with me
holding my hand
Followed his directions
wherever he went
Lifted me up
When my foot
got tired
And now here I am
Walking on my own
and trotting the world

I’m because of you
And you’re my
all above all
Everyday is your day
More than the
previous day

I am taken by
all your love
I’m blessed I got
all your support
Your care your love
is enough I have
To fight in any situation
If I’m it’s part
The selfless love you
have given
You’re my sweetest heart

You believed in me
is the greatest gift
I ever received
Your guiding hand on
my shoulder
Is all I look up to
Thank you papa for
choosing me as your child
Im blessed to be one
of your kind.❤️

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32 thoughts on “Father’s Day.

  1. Nostalgic while reading it.. after marriage even a small thought about mom dad gives flashback of memories😥
    Thanks a lot Rashmi for such a lovely poem.. dad’s are always our superheroes ❤

  2. Father always a super hero and your poem brought me back to my childhood days. What a wonderful day to walk with my dad in dream world. I was listening Dance with my father again….when i found this post. Amazing. Thank you for the few mins with your lines and background music bring me back so so many memories … my dad my inspiration every day too. Cheers.

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