Exploring Universe! (Part 2)

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In the first part we were at how our solar system is one very small part of the Milky Way Galaxy in it’s suburbs, revolving around the centre of the galaxy. So now let’s know about how our the most beloved planet, our home Earth was formed.Scientists after all their research for several years in the past have discovered that several billion years ago the solar system to which our Earth is part of was nothing but a cloud of cold dust particles swirling through empty space. This cloud of gas and dust was disrupted by the explosion of a nearby Star (supernova), and the cloud of gas and dust started to collapse and then gravity pulled everything together, forming a solar nebula (a huge spinning disk). The centre of the disk became the sun and the particles in the outer space turned into large fiery balls of gas and molten-liquid that in billion years cooled and condensed to take a solid form. After 4.5 billion years, they began to turn into the planets that we know today. So in short, the earth formed when gravity pulled swirling gas and dust from solar system making it the third planet from the sun. At first, earth was molten and lacked an atmosphere and oceans. Gradually in several years , the planet cooled and formed a solid crust. As it continued to cool, volcanoes happened which released gases, and that eventually formed an atmosphere.And from here the journey of life on the Earth begin. As the atmosphere became denser, clouds formed and thus rain happened and then every other factors essential for life came in line.And the one very important, the Earth only natural satellite MOON which is one of the main factor which makes life possible on the Earth. Has ever anyone given a thought that this very bright thing in the night sky we see is the reason of our existence. Yes, it is the biggest reason of life on Earth, we will know how;So what is moon? How it affects the planets? How it was formed? Well you will get the answer right below:So in a very basic way if we can define what is moon then it would be simply; as the planets circle the sun, moons circle the planets that circle the sun. Read that again you’ll get it what it is. If we simplify it Moon revolves around the earth and it’s complete it’s one revolution in about 27.3 days. It doesn’t have its own light also. The Moon gets its brightening light from the sun. It shines because it’s surface reflects light from the sun making it appear bright in our sky. But because of its orbit around Earth, the lighting goes through phases.And now what it does to our planet. So do you know moon being so far away, affects the tides on earth? Yes, it does. The moon’s gravity pull the the oceans towards it. Even though the moon is so far away, it is large enough that it’s force of gravity is strong enough to do that. The moon has gravity of its own, which pulls the oceans (and us) towards it. But the Moon’s gravitational pull on us is much weaker than Earth’s so we don’t really notice it but we can see it’s effect in the water of the oceans. The regular movement of water that exposes the land at the edge of the ocean, and then covers it back maintaining the balance between land and water.The gravitational force of the moon and the sun affects the water in our oceans. They both are the only influence on the ocean tides but the moon plays the biggest role because the moon is much closer to our planet than the sun even though the Sun’s gravitational pull on Earth is around 178 times stronger than that of Moon. The moon tries to raise the level of World’s Oceans towards the equator. And without this effect of gravity of moon on Earth the oceans would redistribute raising levels at the poles. It’s gravity set our Earth’s plate tectonics in motion. It has also slowed Earth’s rotation on it’s axis otherwise the Earth might have been rolling directionlessly in the solar system. As the Moon is orbiting the planet Earth it stabilizes the Earth’s rotation on it’s axis. So it’s very clear we owe our existence to Moon isn’t it.After knowing about it’s impact on the Earth you must be wondering how Moon was formed so according to theories, a Mars-size body, half the diameter of Earth smacked into the developing Earth 4.5 billion years ago. This collision accumulated to form the Earth first natural satellite MOON and from then it started orbiting the planet and stabilized the Earth position in the solar system due to its gravitational force. So combining all of these factors life on Earth was made possible.I hope i have cleared many of your questions which you might have wondered. How amazing this universe is that the more we try knowing them the more interesting it becomes. Ever since I have started reading about universe in detail I have never stopped imagining. My head constantly tries to get images of how beautifully and magically everything must have happened.And one thing I would like to add here is that I’m writing the very basic version of what all of this is and how this all has started (scientists have given the theories obviously) because there are many scientific terms, names, vast explanations if we read in detail. So I’ve cut the story very short for your easy learning.Keep learning!

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