Digital Addiction

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We are aware of several kinds of addictions in our lives. But are we aware of this particular addiction to which we are devotedly addicted as it’s hard to deny we aren’t? With the changing times and upgraded technologies, gadgets and the internet has become the most important part of our lives. And we can’t even criticize it because we all know we can’t live without it. Undoubtedly digital media help us in various ways in life but somewhere we all use it for more than the required time and that’s where the addiction starts and it gets multiplied with each passing moment without our conscience. Digital media has attracted a person of every age group whether kids, teenagers, or adults.

With technology and its advancement comes a lot of cons we just cannot ignore like sometimes we give this technology wholly the control of our lives, letting it easily slide into our territory. And the moment they enter our space it starts consuming us unknowingly and seize our lives most unpredictably. Reading all such stuff we always wonder what damage gadgets or the digital age can do to us, the truth is from your brain to your toe, every element of your body is getting affected. Despite the many positive benefits, it’s impactful beyond our imagination whether physically or mentally. For example, The use of this popular social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Tinder, has become the cornerstone of communication, and without our realization, it is affecting us like no other. Who agrees that sometimes we scroll on these platforms for no reason and not once or twice a day but all the time.

The uncontrollable urge to constantly checking up on social sites devoting so much time and toil to social media does affect our other important life areas. This is called Digital Addiction. And with these traits, if you have, you’re wholly suffering from it. Digital media has been made to feel a sense of connectivity and familiarity with each other. And thus because of this “FEAR OF MISSING OUT” (FOMO) is the soul and spirit of social media.

It’s not that just by scrolling your feed, watching a lot of youtube videos, shopping a lot online makes you digitally addict. The trouble comes when it starts indulging in your daily life affecting your peace and space. When you can’t keep calm in its absence, then and there the addiction has successfully taken its place. In many ways, digital life has endowed our lives by connecting to people. It is a source of inspiration in many ways. But there is a dark side of it as well.

Some studies link digital addiction to physically changing the brain structure affecting the prefrontal regions of your brain inducing you to unable in prioritizing your life. Digital life succeeds and necessary life tasks are left behind. It affects the pleasure string of our system both positively and negatively. With time more social activity is needed to get the same pleasurable feeling, again and again resulting in digital dependency. Digital addiction has a major role to play in depression and anxiety issues. For people who are already suffering from it, tend to move towards digital life to relieve their suffering. It also gives a platform to introverted, and socially awkward people to present their views and connect to people sitting at home comfortably. Such people are at higher risk of suffering from digital addiction. The other factors affecting mental health is the pressure to always be presentable on social media, online trolling, online abuse, online bullying, etc. Excessive use of social media not only affects our decision-making ability but those who use consistently often have attitudes and behaviors resembling a drug addict.

Signs of Digital Addiction:

  • You feel impatient and anxious when you can’t access social networking sites.

  • You get severe anxiety if by any means you cannot check your social accounts.

  • When in a conversation you can’t stay in a moment, you lose your interest in that conversation and your head constantly wants to bury inside your phone.

  • When you neglect your real-life things and start embracing the virtual world. For example, you’re no more interested in playing on fields instead you will go after various video games, playing for hours.

  • Feeling insecure and a lack of satisfaction, seeing the glammed up lives of people on social media. Do remember one thing that reality is always behind the lens. No one likes to show their bitter real side to the public so it doesn’t mean what you saw is what it is.

  • When asked about how much you spend time on social media, you have to lie about it.

  • You regularly check your social media insights to know how many got connected with your posts. Eg. Likes, comments, shares.

  • You can’t keep calm when you hear your notification sound and every second you struggle to reach out to it.

  • The very first thing you do after waking up is to check your phone and likewise the last thing before going to bed.

By now you must have figured out enough if you’re a digital addict or not. If you belong to all the above points then you have been successfully consumed by the digital age and it’s way hard to fight against it because it’s no more in our control instead we are in their control. But with a positive attitude and strong determination, you might take control of your life once again.

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