Beyond Death.

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Ever wondered what could be beyond death? We all does at one point of time or other. Death is really the end of a life or there is something more to it which no one knows just like we’re not able to see our life before we were born likewise we are not able to see our life after death. We humans have always been fascinated with death and the theory of life after death because till today after that humans have evolved so much we don’t have the answer to what happens after death? Is there life after death? According to science it’s ‘no’ but maybe these kind of things are beyond human approach or are beyond what we can actually prove? Human beings ain’t been made to go so far maybe. It’s all natural for humans to want to know whether there is life after death or not if not then what else is it? And the amazing thing is we actually want there to be life after death because we all are afraid of death, there is a fear of death in all of us no matter how much one deny.

Let’s for a moment believe that there is no life after death and that when you die, you just die and that’s it. That’s the end of your story. The fact here is we don’t want to believe this at all, we live our whole life assuming that after death we’ll gonna rest forever in a different world better than this. Is it bad to be dead? If death is bad, for whom it is bad? obviously we would say his/her loved ones but the moment a death happens we primarily feel bad for the one who died. Now hold on to the last sentence you read and now continue. For something to be bad for someone the person has to exist to feel it and as the person is no more we forward this feeling onto their loved ones. That’s why death is called the ultimate end of everything which means everything ended right and there the person dies. It’s just the human to human connection which make death a bad thing. The state of being dead is not actually the bad one bcz that was anyway coming to us anytime but the uncertainty of timing of death is what makes it the most unpleasant one.

The only certainty this life has is death. Life is uncertain but death is certain. There are two sections of people among which one who believes in afterlife and one doesn’t. From very long time humans have been trying to find ways to come to terms with this, which might explain why one section of people believe in afterlife. The belief in an afterlife is basically a product of a very deep psychological thing which probably emerge from our instinctive thoughts connecting to our mind and body. People who believe in afterlife find it very pleasing like it may help them in grief or loss of loved ones. This thought that “one day we’ll be reunited with our loved ones who died, in a world better than this one” gives a whole different comfort, it kind of relax the ongoing nerve at that moment of loss. But the question arises here is if we talk about life after death why no one talks about life before birth? If we talk about humanists, they don’t believe in afterlife at all and according to them we should just strive to find happiness in this life and tell others to do the same.

There is a famous quote by Osho:

The real question is not whether life exists after death. The real question is whether you are alive before death.


A short poem below to wrap it all in one;

Uncertain the life

Certain is death

In a blink the coin flips

That’s how both exists

Make the most out of it

Before you leave the rest as it is.

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12 thoughts on “Beyond Death.

  1. Great piece of writing on death-the inevitable and the unchangeable… Science stops here and religion /spirituality comes to rescue… Death(of virtuous) is solace for dead, but pain for related 1s… It is Union of creator with his creation…

  2. So… what if life after death depends solely on belief? And if you believe you become an angel you do, if you believe you go “poof” you do, if you believe you go to “sleep” awaiting a messiah you do, you proceed to endless suffering you do… What if all of life (and therefore death) is an illusion or a projected reality? Is death then a psychological shaping of the physical fact, or is it a spiritual truth?

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