Being Human

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Ever been so scared of everything? Any of you ever thought that one day, each second of your life you are going to struggle with your mental peace in such traumatized way? What this pandemic wants to teach us? We should think about it because it has already taught a lot of things in a lot many ways.

The thought that we might lose our loved ones any day has very organically made its place in our minds without us being realizing it. You get scared by phone calls at odd times by your parents or relatives. Are we going to live with this thought forever or there is an end to this fear because it has taken a full toll on our minds. Humans were called the most powerful creatures on the planet Earth because of their brains and now that part is being hammered radically. But we are going to get this one day. Humans were, humans are, and humans will always be the most precious species on this planet.

We know who we are

And what we are capable of

It’s just the time to learn some lessons

And come out even more stronger

Test us as much as you want

We will be there where we were

Break our families break our hearts

But nothing can break the spirit

Rule us a little while

We will fight back with smile.