Batch of 2020

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“The batch of 2020” it never sounded this horrific before the discovery of corona virus. The graduating batch of 2020 is for sure the most unfortunate and ill-fated in various ways. They are not only missing out on their academics, syllabus, exams, but also the last few months of fun and chill, class trips, group photos, last goodbyes hugs and cries and the very awaited one for each and every students ,the graduation ceremony. All of these have become virtual for them now. These are the last few memories a graduating student from their last year make and cherish those for all their life but the batch of 2020 is deprived of all of these events. The only memory they have preserved from their last year is the mental stress, the trauma, the anxiety, the uncertainty, the unforgettable hopeless stressful 6 months they were in, are the only memory they might never want to cherish it at all. So all they get in their last year is solely nothing. The joy of graduating is always the most blissful moment for everyone. Any graduated here will agree, but the batch of 2020 aren’t getting it any easy. We sure wanted a digital India but never wanted a digital life altogether. Studying online, classes online, attendance online, bunking online, exams online, practicals online, graduating online we never wanted this life. The students this year are so uncertain about their academic future and seems like it has just started & there are lots to come.

Students in several parts of India are legit taking their lives due this unfortunate damage to their careers. Talking about the vocational courses the final year students were all set to welcome their campus placements, they were all prepared to participate in it along with the aim to score good in final exams. But all went wrong, the pandemic came into picture and ruined all the dreams of 2020 batch. All those dreamy eyes turned into sobby eyes. For straight six months there were not a single word regarding the final year students. Forget about the campus placements there were no status of even conducting the final exams. The hopes of getting placed or to pursue any further studies after the degree drowned in the sea of depression. And now after six months the government is finally taking final year exams online, no one knows what after degree is waiting for them because due to this pandemic the rate of unemployment has severely increased. Companies aren’t any soon looking for freshers, competitive exams are not on board, even those who have cleared the previous exams aren’t getting their joining letters, many have been fired by the companies ,very few companies are there who haven’t and we are thankful of them. Now what will happen to the freshers we can imagine that.

Who is gonna talk about them? Is there anyone in the authority or the government to look after them, we expected this by our media houses for the fact to highlight this issue but they doesn’t care about this scene at all. The circus they are in from last few months we all know that. They are the most powerful voice of a country but unfortunately students are not getting any support by media. If the media would have cared and highlighted this issue nationally maybe the situation could have been different today. As of now, what students wants is to be at least heard and their situations recognised. Atleast people should be talking about it ,media should be talking about it, the concerned authorities should be talking about it.

How to deal with it? Is there anything which is in our hand? How to cope up with it? Does the advice you get to “be positive” working for you? There must be lot of such questions in your mind. The government must look into this because it’s the youth who build the nation they are the major source of talents with new minds, new energies, new skills, new ideas. That’s why it must be preserved. Due to increasing unemployment it’s going to hamper the quality of the nation as the youth has that power to convert a developing nation into a developed one but because of this pandemic we have started going backwards again. Now it’s high time the people in power the policy makers make fresh policies to nurture the youth and their talents. And the year 2020 has already taken a lot of things from us either being an individual or a nation ,a developing country like India can’t afford to lose their youth power also. Media houses must intervene here before we lose much more to it and this issue should be on prime time.

Let’s count few positive sides of pandemic to compensate the negativity and the loss it has brought to us because there are two sides of every coin and so does this pandemic also has.

Less expenses: where people are losing jobs and loss of income staying at home deprived of going out whether it’s travelling, trips, eating out, theatres etc. is surely saving a lot of money.

Reading time: As there is so much free time now you can start reading your favourite books which were in your wishlist from long time but didn’t completed because of no time.

Revitalize your hobbies: We begin our lives with a lot hobbies and passion but with course of time our hobbies are left behind. The lockdown has given us an opportunity to revive those so don’t miss out this time.

Spirituality: In this unfortunate time all we need is a good spirit to handle this situation. So go for meditations, exercises, quality communications with your loved ones.

These are the few things we can rely on to, to feel a bit better in this hard times. All the best to the 2020 batch from us, hoping things will get better very soon. Hold on to your dreams a little while because everything happens for a reason. Sometimes it’s in favour and sometimes it isn’t but in the end it’s all for the best.

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