A conversation guide

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A conversation can be simply defined as an interactive communication designed for the exchange of ideas, views or opinions on a particular matter between two or more people. Considering this as a formal definition the informal would be where thoughts are discussed, views are heard, verbal exchange of each other’s feelings where conclusions are drawn. The conversations are mostly spontaneous and less formal so we will go with the informal one. It is basically an art which if one’s you have learnt, things really can become easy for you. It would be not wrong to say that this is a very important skill for almost everything in life.

It introduces you to people who can be your partner, employees, employers and friends. It’s the conversation which binds the people around you to go further with you in any matter whether it’s your job, friends, colleagues, partners, neighbours etc. It is among those other things which distinguishes one person from another as it vary from person to person. It tells a lot about what kind of a person you are because a conversation is directly attached to the personality of a person which put forth your thinking, about your perspective, your way of living and many more.

So here are some basic conversation etiquettes which everyone should follow for a healthy interaction with people :

Start small and avoid hurrying. Starting a conversation is the hardest part so make sure you start it on a good note. So always begin with small talk like by asking how they doing, how is it going, if you’re the host then ask them if they are enjoying the event, had the food etc. These are the very basics one which we encounter mostly in our lives. So based on this you can make your own based on the situations you are in.

The art of listening. This is one of the major thing which mostly people lacks in themselves. Always be a good listener because it makes the person who is talking to you or are sharing things with you more comfortable and it adds an extra points in your personality. The other person definitely will be pleased by you as it’s rare to find an attentive listener. A good listener always comes across as a wise person who can understand people and effortlessly empathize with them.

Don’t interrupt and let them finish first. People often run out of patience while listening to the other person and start interrupting in the conversations which is a very big turn off. Even you don’t agree with their points or views let them finish first and then you put your points in one go as by doing this the other person will also not interrupt you considering your patience you showed when they were talking.

Show interest and give compliments. If you’re looking for a better results and a healthy happy communication out of that conversation then show the person how interested are you in listening to them and in knowing their stuffs. And its hard to give compliments these days as we are day by day becoming more insecure due to circumstances so choose not to be one of them. And be kind to people, appreciate things which you know that it deserves but you don’t wanna say it because of the insecurities within you. So come out of it and praise people who deserves to be praised, your little appreciation can make someone’s day. Imagine what if a person is going through a very bad phase or is having a very bad day and your one compliment can give a smile to their face.

Avoid self-advertisement. This is another major point to be considered. Never brag about yourself much because when you start dominating a conversation with your own anecdotes and explanations the other person may immediately become disinterested. Generally its hard for people to keep patience and wait for their turn so out of impatience they jump into the middle of the conversations and start advertising themselves how good they are, what they possess, where they belong, how much they have and all of that.

Ask questions. This one is also a very good way of keeping the conversation and the interest alive. Like if you want to move from small silly talks to some real talks then you can switch the conversations by asking the questions of your interest and this leads to the change of subject by default. In other words questions act as a lubricant in conversations.

Wit and Humour. Well this feature adds a kind of spice to a conversation. In simple words, by wit you can win arguments and by humour you can win hearts, as simple as that. This is a very deadly combo which can make you extraordinary from everyone in the particular conversation happening whether with a person or a group of persons. You will definately stand out among all of them because wit and humour are the two things which directly hit the heart and mind of the other person. So do work on these two terms and see the difference the next time.

Do not get heated or lose your temper. This tends to happen mostly when there is a serious conversation going on and facts raised or the opinions raised by people doesn’t match with yours or when someone try to change your opinion according to their ones or anything like that we might lose our temper. And this way it will demolish all the impressions you made earlier on them because such things are more catchy to remember as compared to the good ones, so try not to do that.

Maintain an open mind. Always remember that everyone has the right to have their own opinions and views which doesn’t necessarily need to match with yours. So even if you don’t agree with them don’t try to change their opinions instead you just put your point forward once they finish. This way the dignity of the conversations remains maintained.

Be approachable. If you intend to involve in a conversation so be approachable first by staying all relaxed, maintain a gentle smile on your face and keep a friendly attitude towards people. Before winning an argument you have to win people first to have an argument with you. These etiquettes are a very good conversation starter when you are with a group of people or at any public place.

So that’s all, these were the most basic conversation etiquettes one should have in them as it plays a very big role in our social, personal and work relationships.

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