2020 Lessons.

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Lessons we learned from the class of 2020 :

  • The freedom we had back this pandemic we never realised how important those were to feel alive and lively.
  • How patient we have become even though we are dying every moment by all those hard thoughts crossing our mind every minute, all day & still we are so patient, how incredible is this!
  • The places we were eagerly waiting to leave and move out ,now has become our beloved place and we’re missing it every day and how desperately we want to go back there and explore every bit of it.
  • We always use to make excuses to run from our work , our studies, our books even from people and now look at us how devotedly we are dying to go back to them.
  • The people we hated looking up to, sitting with them or working with them and avoided meeting with them, now even the thought of seeing those persons pleases us.
  • We never cared for anyone as much as we care now for everyone like whenever we hear something has happened to someone, something inside us gets scared for them and we pray for their well being.
  • Humans always had this habit of taking everything granted in their life and now we have started thinking about and giving attention to every little thing of our life because of the fear inside us that we might gonna loose this the next moment.
  • Although there is the scope of negativity all around but now we’re only looking for positivity in every frame. Earlier we used to bend more towards negativity than positivity.
  • Who would have thought that one day a time will come when we would be missing the traffic noise and the vehicle horns, funny isn’t it! but yeah that’s the truth I’m sure most of us will agree lol.
  • Any of you wants to see your that professor or mentor whom you never liked and now you’re just all of a sudden feel very fond of him.
  • The crowd we hated in Metro’s have now became the part of our bucket list post lockdown we will for sure going to love the crowd next time whenever it comes but no way we are doing it though as social distancing is not gonna go anysoon from our lives.
  • Weekends were our favourite days back then and now weekdays are all we are looking for. Praying everyday to give our working weekdays back to us.

You can add your lessons if you have learnt any this quarantine in the comment box below. ❤️

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16 thoughts on “2020 Lessons.

  1. Me parece que no son “lecciones” en tanto tal de este año. Cualquier persona, en plena madurez, comprende que la vida, la belleza y el bienestar suelen cruzarse mucho más a menudo de lo que suponemos. No nos habíamos detenido -literalmente- a contemplarlo. Que nada se aprecia tanto como cuando falta es lección desde los orígenes de la humanidad. Creo que la principal lección es la inflexión del momento: Todo deberá cambiar si queremos que se vuelvan lecciones perdurables, incluyéndonos como personas, como cabezas de familia y/o de organizaciones, como productores y como consumidores, como anfitriones y como turistas, como parte de un país y como ciudadanos del mundo. Saludos y gracias por textos siempre inteligentes, Rahsmi…

  2. Great observation….just need to add a thing though….covid-19 is a blessing in disguise….teaching us to live, love & appreciate life & creatures differently.

      1. You’re welcome….

        Hey FYI, I have sent you an invitation to reconnect to my blog as a Follower. There has been some glitches with notifications. So I had to “remove you”. Pls check your mail n accept the invite if you would still like to follow my blog 🙏✨💛

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